Ruler On Ice comes first in Belmont Stakes 2011

June 12, 2011

Belmont Stakes Winner 2011

Belmont Stakes Winner 2011

Belmont Stakes Winner 2011

Before Saturday’s running of Belmont Stakes, Ruler On Ice
has not been giving much hope to his trainer. Because of his unpredictable behaviour Ruler On Ice has been provided
a separate van when he ships and a spot away from other horses at Monmouth Park. However, all the efforts of his trainer were well paid off when he came first at Belmont Stakes.

Based on the final leg of the 2011 Triple Crown, Animal Kingdom and Shackleford were two horses that were expected to become the winners of Belmont Stakes 2011. Shackleford started off at a high speed but quickly faded for fifth and Animal Kingdom ended up coming sixth because he stumbled at the start. In this way, Ruler On Ice became the surprise winner.
Ruler On Ice has been described as a “frustrating” horse to work with. Even though his
obviously had a talent and a high speed, he was unable to win races because of his lack of
focus. Recently there were blinkers put on the horse, which is believed to be one
of the reasons he was finally able to achieve a great result. It was a surprise to everyone
that he became the winner of the Belmont Stakes.
Here is the order of finish with Ruler On Ice being the winner of the Belmont Stakes 2011:

1. Ruler On Ice
2. Stay Thirsty
3. Brilliant Speed
4. Nehro
5. Shackleford
6. Animal Kingdom
7. Mucho Macho Man
8. Santiva
9. Monzon
10. Master of Hounds
11. Prime Cut
12. Isn’t He Perfect


Watch Ruler On Ice win Belmont Stakes 2011:


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The older version of Odds for Belmont Stakes 2011.

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