New York – gay marriage opponents don’t give up

July 3, 2011

New York Gay Marriage 

new york gay marriage

new york gay marriage

Last month, New York became the sixth state to adopt gay marriage. Right after the adoption of gay marriage, the opponents of gay rights groups started to plan their campaign to reverse the decision in the future years.
“This fight is far from over,” the National Organization for Marriage, the opponents of gay marriage, said and added that they are willing to spend $2 million in 2012 to reverse the decision of the New York’s Senate. Roman Catholic and Evangelical Christian groups as well as private donors are expected to contribute $20 million towards the struggle over gay marriage in states other than New York.

New York is the sixth and the largest state to adopt gay marriage and this gives affirmation to the Gay rights groups. They believe that because of the fact that gay marriage is becoming more and more widespread and does not seem to impose any threat, it is highly unlikely to become reversed in New York.
A struggle is to happen in Maine, where gay-marriage was adopted in 2009, but the decision met a strong resistance from the opponents who moved it to a referendum. Several months later, the decision was reversed. However, gay rights activists became inspired by their success in New York and are preparing for the next year’s battle and are about to start getting signatures.

Watch this video showing the New York City Gay Marriage vote celebration.

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