Syria Protests 2011 – 120 people including police killed

June 11, 2011


Syria Protests 2011


Syria Protests 2011

Syria Protests 2011

On Monday at least 120 Syrian police officers and security guards were killed by unidentified gunmen near the border with Turkey. This marks a new shift in Syrian protests in 2011. The violence started when a number of soldiers were sent to besiege the town of Jisr al-Shoughour. The number of deaths quickly went up throughout the day. The gunmen responsible for the violence were unidentified, however it is clear that the conflict is connected to the wave of protests in Syria started in 2011. The government and the protesters provide conflicting versions of the massacre.


According to the witnesses who called from Jist al-Shoughour, the army was divided in two parts that were confronting each other. It is unclear if local people also participated in the clashes. Camille Otrakji, who  is a Syrian-born blogger, said that the residents of Jisr al-Shoughour were dragged into the confrontation as well, because it doesn’t take much for people in Syria to use arms.

Watch how the wave of Syrian protests started in 2011:

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